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Please – Sim Shalom- Jewish Prayer for Peace

Please (Sim Shalom) is a song I wrote in an effort to encourage each and every one of us to seek our own role in the sacred effort towards peace in our world. This is a simple peace song for kids that can be used in Jewish or non Jewish settings. 

One of the most powerful things I glean from prayer is through petitioning God for what I initially think God needs to grant. I often discover ways that I can take responsibility towards meeting the goal I am imagining. This is particularly true of Mi Sheberach prayers- I ask God to help a person I love heal, feel better, and I am always reminded that a visit, gift or phone call will help that person, and I should take the steps that I can towards improving their condition.

The “only in your head” verse is an example of audiation- which is a cognitive skill necessary for literacy- it is a big word that I like to teach little ones, and it reminds parents that this enjoyable, emotional connective moments are building cognitive and academic skills, too!  

Engagement Techniques:

  • Echo.
  • Make up your own verse.
  • Facilitate a discussion asking for examples of what each of these things look and feel like.

Big Question:

Ask community members if they can report a time they saw, felt, or did one an example of one of these things: peace, goodness, blessing, grace, kindness, mercy. 

At the conclusion of the song or service, invite participants to share something that they are going to contribute this week in our sacred journey towards peace.

Chords and Lyrics


C, F, G


(We ask God) 

Please give peace, 

Please give goodness, 

Please give blessing, 

Please give grace, 

Please give kindness,

Please give mercy

To all people

Please and thanks

(we ask our families)
Repeat song, echoing words to one another
(we ask ourselves- this time, repeat after me, but only in your head…)

Repeat song, echoing words silently in your head.

-no echo)

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