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My Body (Asher Yatsar for kids) with Music Video

Our bodies are amazing! Asher Yatsar, sometimes called the ‘potty prayer’ is one of my favs to introduce to young children. The topic is always one that garners interest amongst our littles. Help children revel in and appreciate their capabilities with this tune that is inspired by Asher Yatsar

Teaching Tips:

• Listen to the song and ask children to point to each part of their own bodies as they listen.
• Read lyrics, asking students to ‘finish each line’. “I’ve got a nose to ________ and a mouth to _______” etc to help students understand the roles each of their body parts plays.
• As kids to identify each part of their body, discuss what role that part plays in the child’s life. Use the video with children’s families to encourage participation.
• Make your own slideshow, with pictures of your student’s body parts
• Call attention to feelings of gratitude when children’s bodies accomplish a task, as children gain skills like walking, bike riding, balancing, etc.

I’ve got nose to smell and a mouth to eat
I’ve got fingers to touch and a heart to beat
I’ve got ears to hear and eyes to See
I’m so glad that God made me

Oh Thank You God for the parts of my body
That help and heal and move and grow
Oh Thank You God for the holes I have
To eat and breath and listen and Go
I’ve got lungs to breath and a belly to know
How to use the food I eat to help me grow
I’ve got a brain to learn and muscles so strong
And I’ve got a voice that lets me sing this song

I’ve got a tushie to sit and legs that run
I’ve got a smile to show when I’m having fun
I’ve got a hips to shake and feet to walk
I’ve got a tongue and lips so that I can talk

We were made in God’s image, so we are holy
I have a soul, so like God I’ll try to be
A creator and a helper everyday
And I am so grateful that I’ll always say

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