Leader's Guide Shavuot Song Demo

10 Rules: Counting Song For Torah Learning

Our brains respond enthusiastically to input that is both novel and familiar

Engage children in learning about The 10 Commandments and Moses (novel) while demonstrating their competency and confidence as they display their ability to count from 1-10 (familiar). 

Counting songs are typically a very popular choice in early learning environments

They invite children to show off their developing numeracy skills. Most young children delight in the confidence-boosting practice of repeating tasks in which they are already competent.

Shavuot Fingerplay

The accompanying fingerplay further encourages engagement by inviting non-verbal participation and expression. 

Spread and stretch your fingers to ‘warm up’ the digits before singing. 
Model and practice counting and singing with the children. Consider holding out your fingers for a child to touch and count (the spatial perception in touching their fingertip to one fingertip at a time 10 times in a row on a moving target- offering your hand is a great opportunity to practice fine motor control and depth perception!)

Rules from way up high
Moses climbed the mountain,
Got the Torah on Mt. Sinai!

Verse 1:
God gave the rules to Moses,
Moses gave the rules to the Jews
We are the Jewish people
Cuz’ we are the people who choose (to follow..)


Verse 2:
I love learning Torah
Learning Torah is sweet
It helps me make kind choices
And be kind to the people I meet (I follow…)


Verse 3 :
The rules are called commandments,
There’s more to learn as we grow
We’ll keep learning Torah
Because there is so much more to know (to follow…)


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