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5 Little Apples Rosh HaShanah Song for Toddlers


5 little apples from a tree
Ready to dip in sweet honey
I gave one to _______ for a new year’s treat (finish the line with the name of a real or pretend apple recipient)
Now how many do we have to eat?

Count remaining apples, Feel free to add a dramatic as you “gift” the apples and “greet” the recipients. Repeat song with as many apples and/or kids as you see fit. Encourage kids to take ownership of counting, distributing, and recounting the apples as you repeat each verse.

Kids counting because they are getting good at it.

Repetition helps them feel secure and confident in their world in which so much is unknown and out of their control. Every new year, I look for simple songs that will encourage my learners to engage. Counting and connecting- are two very important toddler activities so this song fits nicely into my repertoire rotation.

Kids (also, people) feel great when they are able to confidently navigate their circumstances. 

So- I find that kids enjoy counting songs long after the toddler stage. Challenge older children to stretch their arithmetic skills by removing more than one apple at a time! 

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