‘Miss Emily’ Music

‘Miss Emily’ wrote and recorded 5 albums of Jewish music for kids designed to prove Jewish education and Jewish entertainment for use in synagogues, schools, and homes. Her award winning songs have been featured by PJ Library Radio and shared on stages and bimahs across the globe.


Apple Music

For Shabbat Cover

For Shabbat!

  • How Good It Is, How Sweet It Is
  • Zum Gali Gali
  • JCC (There’s Always A Place For Me)
  • Love Adonai
  • For Shabbat!
  • Halalalalalaleluyah
  • Bim Bam
  • Shir Chadash
  • Shabbat Party
  • Sabbath Prayer

Every Day Album Cover

Every Day!

  • Thank You! (Modah/Modeh Ani)
  • OMG! (Mah Tovu)
  • My Body (Asher Yatsar)
  • I Like G*D and G*D Likes Me (Ashrey)
  • Let It In, Let It Out (Elohai) 6) Makin’ Music (Psalm 150)
  • To Infinity and Beyond (Barchu) 8) Echad Means One (Sh’ma)
  • La La Love (V’ahvta)
  • Gonna’ Make Peace (Oseh Shalom)
  • Dancin’ Song (Ivdu Et HaShem BSimcha)
  • 100 Blessings

Good Choices Volume 1 Cover Art

Good Choices, Volume 1

  • Do A Little!
  • It Is Me
  • Kinds of Smart
  • Sharing is Caring
  • Protect My Body
  • You Get What You Get
  • Tikkun OIam
  • Uh Oh
  • It Only Takes One
  • Diversity
  • El Na
  • Be Kind
  • Dancin’ Song


Good Choices, Volume 2

  • Legacy
  • 3 Things
  • Grateful!
  • Justice
  • Want to Be Smart?
  • Rabbi Hillel’s Golden Rule
  • All The World’s Animals
  • One Step At A Time
  • Learning Torah
  • Think You Can
  • All Of Israel
  • Kol HaKavod
  • Gonna’ Make Peace


Shalom, Baby!

  • Shalom, Shalom!
  • How Good It Is, How Sweet It Is (Hinei Mah Tov Psalm 133)
  • Thank You! (Modeh Ani)
  • Diaper Time!
  • Hole-y Body (Asher Yatsar)
  • Hebrew Body Moves
  • Atsor! (Stop!)
  • Makin’ Music (Psalm 150)
  • Shalom, Peek A Boo!
  • Bubbles Mah Rabu
  • Thank You God, For This Day! (Shehechiyanu)
  • Miriam’s Song (Mi Chamocha)
  • Please (Sim Shalom)
  • Peaceful Parachute (Sukat Shalom)
  • Hello Blessing, Bye-Bye Stressing
  • Family Blessing
  • Peaceful Ways (Shalom Alechem )
  • I’m here.

New & Unrecorded

  • This Too Shall Pass
  • All About Noah’s Ark
  • Spin, baby, Spin!
  • Who Do You Know? (the Tree Animals Song)
  • Riding on a Camel
  • Tzedakah Blessing Song
  • Man Had A Job To Do

  • One Step At A Time
  • Tu B;shevat Tapping Sticks
  • Yotser Or (Peek A Boo)
  • L’cha Dodi
  • We’re Celebrating Purim
  • Ba Ba Barchi
  • Ufratata
  • Good Night, Sweet Love Sh’ma
  • Lullabye (B’yado)
  • Shir Chadash
  • All Together/Kol B’yachad (Stick Song)
  • Shabbat Fingerplay
  • Shabbat Belly Breathing
  • Baruch HaBa (New Baby Song)
  • Shabbat Scarf StorySong
  • 5 Little Challahs
  • Good God!
  • Leaving Egypt (Run + FREEZE)

Emily’s music is super fun and accessible. The tracks feature the pleasant vocal stylings of Emily, some great guitar solos, sax solos, harmonies, and the smooth sound of a gospel choir!
A must have for all families to rock out on the way to Hebrew School!

Scott Leader
Award Winning Musician and Producer