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Dr. Aronoff’s unique experience and expertise in Jewish communal life, curriculum design, program evaluation, developmentally appropriate practice, parenting, song and prayer leading give her a uniquely informed insight into how to engage and connect families with their community.

Phase א

Explore the experience & perspective of your current (and/or potential) community members. Audit and assess resources, ongoing efforts, community norms, and digital reputation.

Phase ב

Identify, describe, then articulate measurable goals and benchmarks. Clarify the roles, responsibilities, and decision making rights of the diverse individuals involved in family engagement.

Phase ג

Consultant facilitates implementation of the program/s and/or strategic plan as a facilitator, co-leader, or participant observer. This step aims to encourage responsive & reflective scaffolding.

Phase ה

Specific participatory action research strategies are prescribes in a summative report that includes the 'goals, benchmarks, implications from the insights gathered and a literature review.

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