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Family Blessing Song (Priestly Blessing/Y’varechecha)

There are a LOT of Shabbat blessings.

I feel like most people know three- but we have SO many more than that. We can find blessings in our texts and traditions for any occasions- seeing rainbows, going potty, hearing a rooster…but my absolute favorite is the blessing for the children.

I love many Jewish traditions- but the ritual of welcoming Shabbat each week and blessing one another is so simple and sweet that it is at the top of my list.

I wrote this tune (which might be my personal favorite and the one I share most frequently) not only to make the text and meaning of the tradition ‘Priestly Blessing’ more accessible to young children and families- but to create a dynamic that invites all of the family members to recognize and to be appreciated for the contributions that they make.

My family shares shabbat blessings every week- and the kiddos take turns leading each step of the ritual. Nothing makes my heart grow quite like watching my toddler bless my baby- so share love, spark joy, and Shabbat Shalom.

Click here for lead sheet, scroll down for lyrics.

This tune works for Shabbat- or any other occasion! I love sharing it at baby namings.

For better or worse- I’ll never do it quite as well as my biggest kiddo, Talya (who was 2 at the time of this video) shared it with her new baby sister, Shir (about 8 weeks here). We knew that she might get nervous and clam up at the ceremony- so we made this ahead of time and gave her the option to do this ‘live’ in front of the group gathered at the baby naming, or to show this clip. She chose to show them this clip and it was a win-win for all.



(Grown-Ups Echo)
You are a blessing
Every Day
When I watch you grow
Learn and play
So I’ll love you and keep you
and I’ll hug you and kiss you
Forever ever and ever, forever and ever (and ever)

(Kid’s Echo)
You are a blessing
Every day
When you care for me
help our family
I’ll love you and keep you
and I’ll hug you and kiss you
Forever ever and ever, Forever and ever (and ever)

(Everyone Echo)
May God Bless You
May God Keep You
Shine light on you
Help you find peace
May God watch you
and stay and with you
Forever ever and ever, Forever and ever (and ever)

Adonai v’yishm’recha.
Ya-eir Adonai
pahnav eilecha vichuneka.
Yisa Adonai
pahnav eilecha
v’yahsim l’cha

יְיָ וְיִשְׁמְרֶֽךָ.
יָאֵר יְיָ
פָּנָיו אֵלֶֽיךָ וִיחֻנֶּֽךָּ.
יִשָּׂא יְיָ פָּנָיו אֵלֶֽיךָ
וְיָשֵׂם לְךָ
May God Bless you and keep you. May God watch over you in and be gracious to you. May God grant you a life of good health, joy and peace.

Want to learn more about how and why Jewish people bless children on Shabbat? This BimBam explainer video can help you do just that!

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