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Super Silly Tree Animal song for Tu B’shevat with Kids

This silly Tree Animals song for kids was born out of spontaneous play. 

My toddlers probably should get credit for this Tu Bishvat tune which works great in preschool, religious school, and caregiver/child music classes.

I like to use puppets (since I have them handy) but you can use any type of visual prop- you can use the cards I made (we also use them to play memory and matching games, too).

I accidentally learned a LOT about tree animals as I prepared this post- fascinating stuff, too!

Read about Animals That Live in Trees (and how they’ve adapted to survive) – especially if you have trouble identifying some of the animals in the free printable prop (TBH, I didn’t know about the tree dwelling kangaroo or porcupine). Scroll to see lyrics!

Tree Animals Song For Kids- Tu Bishvat song lyrics:

OOOOOOH! <-critical component- sing it until everyone joins you to re-establish order after kids are excited from moving around after each verse

Who do you know, who do you know who might live in a tree?
There are so many different kinds of tree home families!


*this is a zipper song, so you can use any animal you like!*

This animal is a ___________ <—-kids identify animal- show picture, puppet, plush…
and it makes this kind of sound__________ <—-kids make sound

and when the  _____  <——- kids say name of animal again

moves, here is how they move around:____________ <—— kids identify/demonstrate motion

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