Chanukah Song Demo

Easy Chanukah Lights Counting Song for Kids and Toddlers

Learn and share this easy Chanukah song at your house, with your students, or at your synagogue.

Celebrate the simple joys of sparkly lights, wiggly fingers, and accomplished toddlers while you prepare to celebrate the festival of lights. This tune is so easy that ‘big kids’ (ie 3-5 year olds) can be the leaders and helpers to teach this tune to younger kids (and it makes a great song for Chanukah school celebrations when a ‘performance’ is expected from little ones).

Count lights with this super simple song for babies and toddlers to celebrate Chanukah!

A great way to invite littles to join you while you share new songs is to start by letting them show you that they are already brilliant, capable creatures. Build competence and confidence by choosing to present activities that highlight skills young children are developing in other areas of their lives.

In a classroom setting, I might ‘spark’ conversation by discussing:

Chanukah is sometimes called a “festival of light”!

  • What do you see that makes light?
  • What else can make light?
  • What does light do?

Props to make the song ‘sparkle’:

I use this light up gloves prop because it is a)fun b)novel (which cues the brain to pay attention to it) and c) because we keep them handy for when the power goes out (we live in Florida, so this is key in Hurricane system 🙂




Chanukah Song Lyrics:

1-2-3-4 we’ll light 4 nights and then we’ll light 4 more!

5-6-7-8 Chanukah’s coming, gonna’ celebrate!

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