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V’ahavta Song – La La Love

I use this ‘La La Love’ song inspired by the V’ahavta, with source text from Deuteronomy and Numbers, in place of or in addition to the chanting of V’ahavta with people of every age and stage.

The very first obvious, purposeful participation in the prayer service that I witness from babies only a few months old is when they practice their fine motor skills and mimic the ‘La La’ finger sign. I use (and have been told by many of my musician and clergy friends that they use) this tune in ‘adult’ services as well. Since this is an echo song, no ‘teach’ is required- so it is simple and participatory from the very first time it is introduced.

Scroll down for lyrics, La La Love V’ahavta song music here.

Spark conversations about love and God:

Ask people to share different ways that love is shared in their families, either by writing their dictations or asking them to illustrate their ideas, make a collage of the ways that love can be shared. Reflect on all of their ideas and then ask them to share their ideas about how love can be shared between people and G*D

Try a rhythmic painting project to elevate meaning, reflection, and expression with this v’ahavta song.

Play the recording of the song on the device of your choice and ask children to paint or draw what the music makes them think and feel. Ask them to explain their work and write their explanation for them before you put them on display.


La la la la la…love G*D
La la la la la…love G*D

With all your heart, with all your might
With all your soul, through day and night

Teach these words, ‘where you live’*
Wherever you go, love you’ll give

When you wake up, When you go to bed
Write it on your door, keep it ‘in’** your head

*alternative: ‘to your kids’

** alternative: ‘on’

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