Chanukah Leader's Guide

Spin, baby, Spin! Musical Chanukah Activity for Babies and Toddlers

Spark joy and the development of your kid’s vestibular system in this dreidel inspired Chanukah song for babies and toddlers! This musical activity can be a preschool chanukah song for classrooms or music classes- or a sweet, simple way to play with your baby at home.

This hardly counts as a ‘song’ and it is perhaps simply a ‘Chanukah chant’ or a ‘Chanukah rhyme’ but it came into the world through spontaneous play and I’d love to share it with you.

My kids love to spin- and we sometimes play by spinning around in big mixing bowls (a joyful discovery made when my toddler emptied a kitchen cabinet while I was cooking one day). A set of sturdy plastic nesting bowls are a great tool for LOTS of reasons- in a classroom setting, kids could take turn spinning themselves and one another.


Spin, baby, spin! Spin, baby, spin!

Cause’ when we get together, everybody wins!

Spin, baby, spin! Spin, baby, spin!

It’s a Chanukah party! Would you like to spin again?


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