Guest Feature

People Are More Supportive Of Public Nursing Than It Seems

I was happy to report my pleasant experiences in an article featured by ScaryMommy here: The Surprising Thing I Learned Nursing In Public I have seen SO many posts and heard countless stories of people being jerks to breastfeeding mothers, shaming, glaring, shouting … online. Which is shitty and it should not happen, but I can testify that it is possible to publicly breastfeed without any issues, and I don’t want mamas to be anxious all the time based upon the anecdotes of the internet. I believe 100% that it happens and we all should be working towards teaching awareness and tolerance and all those good things. But, I have never experienced it. I’m currently nursing my 3rd baby. Baby #1 nursed until 2.5, #2 nursed for 13 months (and I tandem fed for the first few months of her life), and #3 is still in the squishy EBF phase. Consequently, I have nursed all. over. the. place. In over a dozen states, I’ve breastfed in churches, a mosque, and synagogues. I’ve fed my babies on planes, trains, and automobiles (not while a car is in motion, obviously, because kids need to be in car seats). In retail and entertainment establishments of every variety … and (thank God) have only encountered support and kindness from strangers.

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