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Calling All Animals- New Kid’s Song for Noah

I wrote this Noah’s ark zipper song for kids with movement a few years ago, because children delight in movement and participation. I tend to write a lot of Jewish zipper songs (that are designed be re-created anew each time they are shared by gathering participant ideas) because I’m a deeply Montessori influenced educator and this is one way to encourage the learner to take leadership and initiative in their participation. You can “zip” the participant’s ideas into the song at will- in my experience, taking at least two rounds of the song to familiarize the kiddos with the structure of the song is a helpful prerequisite to eliciting their ideas.


Chords G C D

Part A:

Calling all animals, over here
It’s gonna rain, the flood is near
Noah’s ark can keep you safe and dry
As the rain pours down
From the sky

Part B:

This is the place to collect kids’ ideas and encourage them to move like that animal!

If I were a kangaroo, I’d jump to the boat,
I’d jump to the boat with my kangaroo friend]
If I were a kangaroo, I’d jump to the boat,
jump aboard and wait *
For the storm to end.

*Sometimes, large movement songs can become chaotic and feel crowded. This pause was written as a preventative step to avoid an overwhelming experience. This is opportunity for the leader to regain attention and be able to control the energy flow between the transitions of parts A and B

If I were a bug, I would crawl to the boat
I’d crawl to the boat my my bug friend
If I were a bug I would crawl to the board
Crawl abard and wait…*
For the storm to end!

Invite participation from your singers, encouraging them to share their animals and make suggestions about how they should move.

If I were a snake, I would slither to the boat…
If I were a bird, I would fly to the boat…
If I were a horse, I would gallop to the boat…
Noah’s family walked onto the boat….

Looking for more songs to share Noah’s Story in Jewish early childhood environments! I’ve got you! Please check out: Songs And Strategies To Teach Noah’s Ark (Parshat Noach). This article is for early childhood educators, cantors, rabbis, religious school teachers, songleaders or any other grown-ups who want to make meaning and music with the littles they love as they explore Torah stories.

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