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10 Purim Songs for Kiddos

1. Purim, Purim by Lisa Baydush

I use visual props with this tune to “introduce the characters” of the Purim story. You can use the Tori Avey Purim Character finger puppets or make puppets from the Purim Coloring Sheets (I cut them out, have my kids color them, laminate them, then affix them to a large popsicle stick). 

Get Lisa’s chord sheet here.

2. 4 Mitzvot 4 Purim by Eliana Light

This catchy tune features counting, a skill most young children enjoy practicing. 

3. Shake Your Grogger by Michelle Citrin

I pair this song with a class set of egg shakers or maracas and tell kids that we are preparing to share the Purim story in the Megillah. I might ask, “Do you need to practice getting noisy? You are already really good at that…” in a playful way to encourage the kids to allow themselves to get loud (since it is typically discouraged).

4. Chag Purim presented by Shir Soul

A Purim classic! I love to share this beautiful rendition directly with my learners. To me, this version is both familiar and refreshingly new, which is a neurologically satisfying combination! 

5. The Whole Megillah by Ellen Allard

This silly song is made complete by hand motions. Listen to the whole song before you try to imagine the moves!

As Lisa Baydush describes it:

The children stand with their hands clasped in front of them as if in a choir. I told them they had to look “serious‟ and that they had to hold very still while singing the chorus in a staccato way, but that they could move their eyes from side to side to make it mysterious.

On the word “thrillah”, they suddenly lift their hands side-to-side in a movement reminiscent of the music video “Thriller” by Michael Jackson, and then return immediately to their choir pose; on the word “stillah”, they do a quick full-body wiggle; and on the word “whole”, they raise their arms up to the sky and belt out the word like an opera singer.

For “It happened on the 14th of Adar”, extend hands out and upward in a grand gesture; the girls “interrupt” the song by saying, “When???” in a drawn-out, annoying kind of way; the boys reply in their deepest voices, “It happened on the 14th of Adar!” Then I clap twice like a schoolmarm calling for order and we sing the chorus again.

The rest of the schtick for the verses is described next to the lyrics; for “blot it out” in the third verse, say it with a British accent, emphasizing the “t” sounds at the end of each word; extend arms in front with index fingers forming an “x”.

6. Mishenichnas Adar Marbim B’simcha by Simcha Leiner 

This classic Purim tune encourages us to be maximally happy in the month of Adar. 

7. La Kova Sheli presented by Shaboom

I sing this traditional song about Haman’s famously three-cornered Haman’s hat in Hebrew and in English. I tend to use English words to play the game in American schools. 

This song is typically presented in a way that encourages audiation, which is mentally ‘hearing’ music in your head but not making the sound aloud. It is a skill that will help children build their literacy skills!

8. Ani Purim

I use this English adaptation by Lisa Baydush:

Purim, Purim, Purim, Purim! 

I love when it is Purim! 

…We get to be so silly, this holiday’s not borin!

Tra la la la la la (3x) la la la! 

…We sing and dance and play and laugh, this holiday’s uproarin’! 

…Hamentaschen treats are sweets we soon will be enjoyin’!

9. An Encanto Purim by the Maccabeats

I love Encanto, Purim, and The Maccabeats, so I had to include this tune in my collection. I use screens very sparingly, but when there is a good reason to do so, I will, and this is a good reason! “Surface Pressure” is my fav song, so I love that they made it about Esther! 

10. Hamentaschen Song by Lisa Litman

This song is a bit of a tongue-twister! Its silly approach to breaking down the steps of baking Hamentashen is a delight:

Hamentaschen, just right for noshin’

Hamentaschen, let’s make the dough – GO! 

…Mix it and stir it, and stir it and mix it

…Pat it and roll it, and roll it and pat it

…Stuff it and pinch it, and pinch it and stuff it

…Bake it and wait, and wait and bake it

…And eat ‘em & eat ‘em & eat ‘em & eat ‘em! 

Happy Purim

I hope your cookies are angular and your costumes are marvelous!

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