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Grateful! Song Leader’s Guide

“It Is good to give thanks to G-d and sing praises.” -Psalm 92

I was leading a Tot Shabbat one evening when a child asked me what “grateful” meant. I responded “when you are so full of thank-yous that you feel great!” and one of the adults immediately commented “that should be a song” so I made this up that evening.


Zipper Songs Encourage Contribution

I love ‘zipper’ songs that allow themselves to constantly be re-invented (a zipper song is one in which most of the words stay the same but a few are interchangeable- like Old MacDonald). Before I share this song with any group, I’ll explain that we are about to write a song that has never been before, and that we’ll do it by collecting all the reasons we have to say ‘thank you’ into this song. I’ll explain that everyone is invited to contribute, not no one has to, it is their choice (unless it is a group of 20+, in which case I’ll explain that not every friend gets a turn every time, but they can tell me about their thank-yous at the conclusion of the session if they want).

Arts Engagement Opportunity

I like to create opportunities for learners with all sorts of preferences and proclivities to engage in their preferred media, and this song lends itself nicely to illustration. Print the lyrics with a few lines per page so that there is ample blank space provided for illustration. Sometimes, I “bind” (AKA staple) the pages together to make a book, other times we’ll make a slideshow out of their creations like this:



Grateful! Song Lyrics


If I’m feeling mad or sad,

I know there’s a cure.

Make a list of “thank yous.”

I’ll feel better for sure.

G-d made all creation,

Said this is very good.

So, let’s share appreciation,

Like we know we should.


PRE-CHORUS (feel free to repeat this section as many times as you can sustain the attention of your participants!)

I’ll say thank you for _____________.

Say thank you for _______________.

I’ll say thank you for _____________.

Say thank you for _______________.



I’m so full of thank yous, I feel great!

I feel great, I feel grateful!

I’m so full of thank yous, I feel great!

I feel great, I feel grateful!


Celebrate “thanks-giving” every day,

Every moment to spare.

You’ll find reasons to share a smile,

When thank yous we share.

More than using manners,

Bigger than being polite,

Living a truly grateful way

Will help you sleep at night.





Song Lead Sheet


Download Grateful Sheet Music

Share this song to grow gratitude.

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