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10 Gratitude Songs For Kiddos

Song about Gratitude for Kids Spotify Playlist Here

Most Americans are preparing to celebrate Thanksgiving, and many Jewish educators are tasked with seeking a balance between providing a Jewish education and integrating current events and student interest into the materials.  Whether you’re a songleader, rabbi, cantor, or educator, you understand the magic that unfolds when music and learning intertwine in our vibrant Jewish communities. You’re shaping young hearts and minds, often with limited resources in music curriculum and planning. I salute your commitment and passion. In this updated listicle, “10 Gratitude Songs for Kiddos,” we’ll explore melodies that not only teach thankfulness but also promise to enrich your repertoire and ignite a sense of gratitude in your learning environment.

Is Thanksgiving a Jewish holiday? 

Is Thanksgiving part of the traditional Jewish calendar? Not exactly. But the essence of Thanksgiving—expressing heartfelt gratitude within a community—harmonizes beautifully with Jewish values. While Thanksgiving is widely celebrated by American Jews, it presents a unique opportunity for us as educators to weave Jewish principles into this national holiday, enriching our communal tapestry.

Jewish Tradition Emphasizes Gratitude

Our Jewish heritage brims with teachings that emphasize and celebrate gratitude. The songs I’ve selected for our little ones are not just melodies; they are echoes of this profound Jewish spirit, suitable for every day and all moments. Through song, we impart one of life’s most transformative lessons: gratitude. My own practice of daily thankfulness is the cornerstone of my well-being and joy.

Grow Gratitude through Song

May these songs resonate with you and your community, igniting sparks of joy and a spirit of gratitude that lasts far beyond any holiday.

1) I Give Thanks- Sheldon Lowe

I like to introduce this adorable echo song directly- I show this clip of Sheldon and Fella sharing the song and sing along, then repeat it the following week without the video, just by accompanying myself on guitar.

2) Thank You! Modeh/Modah Ani– Miss Emily

I sing this song with my kids every morning we’re together. If we get stuck in a grumpy moment and need to shift our moods, sometimes we’ll pause our day to re-start it with this song.

Another way I love to use this song is to supply teachers with a coloring prompt so kids can decide their source of gratitude and illustrate, a strategy you can all see with the song Grateful below. 

3) What Are You Thankful For Today? Elana Jagoda

This song is part of the morning playlist I put on for my kids while we get ready for the day. I like to put this song on while we eat breakfast, because someone inevitably winds up drumming with a spoon and that sparks my joy. If you’ve got a big gathering drum, this is a perfect use for it!

4) Thank You, Universe – Nefesh Mountain

This setting of Shehechiyanu is sweet and soulful. In my classes, I’ve typically already introduced my Thank You God, For This Day (Shehehechiyanu) song, so I’ll play the recording and ask the kids to listen for Hebrew words they know. 

5) Grateful!-  Miss Emily

Grateful by Miss Emily Chord Sheet Here

I share this song at almost every singalong I facilitate- because it is always appropriate! I will get really quiet, lean in towards the kids and say “You want to know something that is true about me?” and they lean in- then I sing the first verse.

Then, I explain to the singers that they will help me ‘write’ the song 

If I’m feeling mad or sad, (I’ll often pause the song to interject- does that happen to you sometimes? It happens to me!)
I know there’s a cure.
Make a list of “thank yous.”
I’ll feel better for sure.
G-d made all creation,
Said this is very good.
So, let’s share appreciation,
Like we know we should.
PRE-CHORUS I’ll say thank you for _.
Say thank you for ___.
I’ll say thank you for _.
Say thank you for ___.

I’m so full of thank yous, I feel great!
I feel great, I feel grateful!
I’m so full of thank yous, I feel great!
I feel great, I feel grateful!

Celebrate “thanks-giving” every day,
Every moment to spare.
You’ll find reasons to share a smile,
When thank yous we share.
More than using manners,
Bigger than being polite,
Living a truly grateful way
Will help you sleep at night.

6) Thanks A Lot- Raffi

For this elder millennial, this tune is a classic (#belugagrads).  

7) If You’re Thankful and You Know It- The Kiboomers

This one is admittedly cheesy- and it is super engaging and familiar. Personally- I would NOT use this recording or video with the kids- but I apply the concept and play it on guitar. I use songs like this in moments of transition or as a tool for ‘classroom’ management. While I aim to offer a musical diet that is diverse and rich- I recognize the power of using what kids already know and love.

8) 100 Blessings- Miss Emily 

100 Blessings Chord Sheet Here

Instead of counting sheep, I promote the counting of blessings! I was inspired by Rab Meir in the Talmud during a very chaotic and challenging time in my life to literally practice saying thank you for at least 100 things each day. I don’t keep count anymore- but now that it is a habit, it is a great source of strength and stability for me. 

Pro tip: if you sing this song with Pre-K or Kindergarten kids, they will likely delight in demonstrating their ability to count to 100 for you. 


100 blessings Every Day
In 24 hours, find a hundred ways to say
Baruch Atah Adonai Eloheinu Melech HaOlam

We’ll say blessings upon waking, eyes open, getting dressed
Going to the bathroom, washing, giving me my breath\
We’ll say blessings saying thank you for giving us everything we need
Say 100 blessings everyday you’ll be glad that you agreed
We’ll say blessings when we do Mitzvot God commands
About wisdom that God grants us to deal with life’s demands
We’ll say blessings learning Torah, the lessons make us strong
Say thanks to God for giving us the words that make this song


When we’ve said 99 blessings, is has been a blessed day
I’ll say the Sh’ma, its time for bed, a blessing for sweet dreams we’ll say
We’ll make more blessings tomorrow, open my eyes and start again
And when you make a blessing I like then I’ll say “Amen!”

Text: Reb Meir, Talmud Brachot 17a

9) Toe-dah! Rabbah by Eliana Light

This adorable movement song is a terrific way to practice gross motor movement while acquiring new language! It is a great ‘brain break’ to use liberally when your learners have the shpilkes.

10) Thank You, God- Doug Cotler

I use this song liberally across sessions for many topics and ages- this one is always relevant. 

Our tradition has literally thousands of songs that are some variation on a recitation of gratitude.

Whether it’s the Modeh Ani tunes that uplift our mornings or the spontaneous sing-alongs that turn frowns upside down, these songs are a testament to the power of gratitude that can transform our days. So let the music play, let the hearts sing, and may the journey of teaching gratitude through song bring as much joy to you as it does to the blossoming spirits in your care. And remember, if you ever need a guiding note or a harmonious strategy to elevate your songleading, I’m here to tune in to your needs. Book a free connection call to explore how we can orchestrate success together!

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