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Revitalize Your Tot Shabbat with Dr. Emily Aronoff

Revitalize Your Tot Shabbat with Dr. Emily Aronoff

Discover a New Approach to Tot Shabbat

Are you considering offering a Tot Shabbat program to attract and engage families with young children in your congregation? Or perhaps you are seeking to reinvigorate your existing Tot Shabbat to foster deeper connections within your community? 

If your leadership team is ready to commit the necessary time to elevate your Tot Shabbat offering, I have just the solution for you.

What is Tot Shabbat?

Tot Shabbat is an experience during which music, prayer, and Jewish ritual are utilized as young children and their families gather to learn about and celebrate Jewish life and community. 

It is an incredibly potent opportunity to attract, educate, and sustain relationships with families with young children.

Why Tot Shabbat Matters

Tot Shabbat plays a critical role in nurturing vibrant Jewish identities among little ones and their families. It is also a potential feeder for synagogue membership. These programs are a golden opportunity for congregations to build lasting relationships with families. 

Tot Shabbat resources are hard to come by, and creating an impactful Tot Shabbat experience without proper support can be a challenging task. 

But you, my friend, have come to the right place.

Unique Experience and Expertise

My earliest Jewish memories are filled with joyful Tot Shabbat experiences. Over the years, I’ve combined this personal passion with professional expertise as a camp songleader and an early childhood educator. It’s this unique blend of personal experience and professional expertise that allows me to guide effective programming through music. 

My 2018 doctoral dissertation, “Exploring Tot Shabbat“, was the first formal study of the phenomenon and even received acclaim from early childhood expert Maxine Handleman. In her words, my research “provides invaluable guidance to Tot Shabbat leaders and to communities that seek to begin or improve the community they are building for, and with, families with young children.” 

I want to use all the data I’ve collected, supported by the insights from my experience, to help you maximize not only what you offer to your congregation, but how you offer it.

The Complete Package to Transform Your Tot Shabbat

Building on this foundation, I have designed a comprehensive consulting package aimed at transforming the way your leadership team designs and implements Tot Shabbat programs. 

As a seasoned Jewish educator and spiritual leader with decades of experience working with over 100 Jewish communities, I bring a unique blend of academic insights, hands-on experience, and creative energy to this mission.

The Process: Audit, Design, Rehearse, Implement

Our journey together will start with an audit of your existing program, supported by detailed interviews to understand your current situation and identify efficient next steps. Once we’ve designed a system that works for you, we’ll rehearse the practical steps of it together.

I will then lead a model Tot Shabbat session showcasing the strategies we’ve identified and generating excitement for the revitalized offerings you’ll be providing for the families and children of your congregation.

Finally, we’ll design an entire year’s worth of Tot Shabbat sessions, each one carefully crafted with your unique strengths and your congregation’s specific goals in mind.

Join the Tot Shabbat Transformation

I invite you to transform your Tot Shabbat program from an occasional event into a powerful tool for community building and Jewish identity development. Through this process, you won’t just improve your Tot Shabbat – you’ll be connecting generations and building community.

Don’t miss this opportunity to shape the future of your congregation and ensure that the joy and wisdom of our traditions are passed onto the next generation. 

Book a free connection call to start your Tot Shabbat transformation!

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