Singin’ Shacharit: Musical, Meaningful Ways to Start a Jewish Day

This experiential workshop will model songs and strategies to engage young children with every day morning (Shacharit) prayers and themes inspired by that liturgy. We will focus on ideas in the prayers that can be, and already are, implemented in early childhood classrooms; be thankful, thoughtful, loving, use your words and ask for help. This set of prayer experiences will expose young children to the concepts and ideas that are foundational to an understanding of a many prayers. A planned, guided set of experiences organized around listening, singing, moving, breathing and learning with the following songs that will transmit knowledge of these themes to the student. Participants will be asked to discover their inner child as we pray, sing, dance, move and learn together. The focus of the workshop will be giving participants with the skills to implement these musical, prayerful experiences with children in their natural environment.