All In Order: Intergenerational Engagement around your Seder Table

Passover Seder is likely the longest running annual meeting of our society. The ritual can be one primed to support developmentally appropriate interaction for folks of every age and stage: the frame is a sacred story with a beginning, middle and end with a focus on freedom, hope, faith, peoplehood, miracles and gratitude. This workshop is ideal for:

⭐️Folks who are tasked with being a leader and/or want to be active participants in their family seder who are less than confident in their role

⭐️Leaders who want to engage an intergenerational audience of Seder participants in a meaningful way

⭐️Grown-Ups who want to foster the development of their young children’s understanding of the big ideas and values in the Passover story.

Workshop Goals: Participants will…

⭐️ Improve their confidence and competence related to Seder leadership and/or participation

⭐️Compare and contrast their childhood seder memories and their modern seder goals

⭐️Discuss and review the

Identify goals for this year’s seder, articulate expectations for participants

⭐️Explore & experience contemporary customs and relevant “shtick”