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Leader Training

In order to invest in a community’s future- support and invest in their current leadership. 

Dr. Emily Aronoff nurtures the personal and professional development of adult learners. These opportunities are designed  to  increase the efficacy of their efforts and exponentially increase their compentence and confidence as it relates to teaching and leading young children and their families.

Leader Training typically consists of a hybrid approach that combines remote and on-site learning opportunities.  Each leader’s training includes the development of measurable objectives and an annual consultation available at no cost to the client, once the measurable goals have been attained.

Leaders Trained


Singin' Shacharit

Young children and their grown-ups are invited to participate in a prayerful, playful service in which music, movement, songs and stories will encourage participants to sing, share, connect, reflect and learn. This session that will be presented as a learning lab- leader will consciously model songs and strategies to engage young children with the morning prayers and themes inspired by that liturgy while also equipping adults participants who lead prayer or learning in their home communities for this population implement ideas presented that will resonate with their own congregation. Resource and guidance materials will be provided for those seeking to improve their skills and repertoire for engaging young children through music.

Engaging Jewish Babies and Growns Through Music

In this workshop, the “why” and “how” of running parent-child music sessions as a strategic tool for Jewish community building will be explored. Participants will have the opportunity to play and pretend as songs and manipulatives are shared to model what session might look and feel like. Participants will emerge equipped with several specific songs and strategies that they could implement as well as familiarity with resources that can inform the expansion of the experiences they can offer.

Tiny Humans with Enormous Questions: Exploring God and Spirituality with Childre

This session is designed to empower participants and increase their confidence and intentionality to facilitate developmentally appropriate discussions in response to those “big” queries. Dr. Teck explains contemporary developmental theories that equip participants to understand and appreciate how children’s social, emotional, verbal and cognitive abilities will inform their expressions and questions.

Dr. Teck will show participants how to implement practical tactics and strategies that support early learners needs. This highly interactive session concludes with a guided discussion on participant’s prior experiences in light of the information presented.

Tot Shabbat: Not 'Just' for 'Tots'

This session will explore the crucial but sometimes neglected adult education element of services for families with young children. Participants will explore how and why they should  integrate parent education and engagement into programs designed for young children. We will review literature and research that will help participants understand the developmental stages of adults who are at the beginning of their journey navigating parenthood as well as typical preferences and concerns of parents who attend “Tot Shabbat” programs.  Examples of successful and not-so-successful attempts to engage and educate adults will be shared to provide participants with insight that can inform their efforts.

Thank you beyond words for all the gifts you brought TBE this weekend. The congregation loved the Shabbat service. We need to capitalize on the energy you sparked for Friday services. The families loved Tot Shabbat and Sunday T’filah. I was so very encouraged to hear that our parents and teachers are hungry for more opportunities to share what is on their minds and ask their important questions. I learned so much from watching you and even more from our conversation over lunch. I look forward to maintaining a connection with you and planning another weekend in the future. You are truly a gifted musician and educator!
Norma James
Temple Beth EL, Knoxville TN
Emily helped me identify what she called ‘opportunities for growth’ and then I scheduled a follow video-chat consult. She has been able to find relatively simple solutions to what I thought were going to be pretty significant challenges.
Alison Wastermann
Educator & Parent

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