Songleading for Babies

I believe the spontaneous joy that exudes from a baby engaged in musical expression is one of this world’s wonders and this workshop will help you unlock it. Music is on one of the first forms of expression available to babies, and this workshop aims to equip songleaders with the research based tips, tools, and tricks to optimize musical connection and communication with pre-verbal humans.Those of us tasked with sharing music with young children are granted a sacred opportunity; musical experiences create opportunities for children to experience a collection of thought processes and develop a series of skill sets that support their social, emotional, spiritual, and cognitive development. Infants and toddlers communicate in subtle ways that can be difficult for even the most talented of songleaders to observe, analyze, or respond to in real time. An overview of musical milestones and their typical sequence will be presented to prepare participants to recognize and celebrate the musical potential of very young children.