Pedagogic Principles on One Foot

This session will present educational approaches information from educational theorists in an intense, rapid-fire approach that is designed to acquaint participants with the work enough to retain several big ideas that can inform their work but also prompt and direct opportunities for further research. The specific content of the workshop will be tailored to the specific needs of the event or host community, but the overview of the points most relevant to Jewish education of each of these topics is explored in approximately 10 minutes each.

  • Howard Gardner and Multiple Intelligences
  • Maria Montessori and The Absorbent Mind
  • Wiggins & McTighe’s Understanding By Design
  • James Fowler’s Stages of Faith
  • Jean Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development 
  • Basic Principles of Brain-Based Teaching & Learning
  • Reggio-Emilia Inspired Approach