Dr. Aronoff works in a variety of capacities with individual and communal clients: individual families seeking support as they navigate personal lifecycle and child rearing milestones as well as schools, federations, and synagogues to address communal concerns

Designed with a deep respect for the diversity of humanity and faith traditions, she facilitates prayer-ful and play-ful experience that invite each participant (from a first time synagogue attendee to a veteran clergy person) to explore and elevate their own understandings of what sacred music, ritual leadership, and participation in prayer services might include.

Intergenerational Shabbat Services (AKA ‘Tot Shabbat’)

Services for all ages designed to connect and engage family members. Designed to connect humans, inspire joy, cultivate gratitude, and nurture spiritual growth.

Singin’ Shacharit

Morning services (any day of the week) to highlight relevance and ritual of daily prayer for modern kids, teachers, and families.

Sacred NOT Mundane LifeCycles

Elevate the celebration with added intention. We party hard.

"Not Your Parent’s Sunday School”

Musical experiences with and for religious school students and teachers (with or without their families) to introduce, expand upon, and complement school curriculum.

Babies on the Bima

The cutest, sweetest thing that has ever happened in your sanctuary.

Story In Song: Chanukah, Purim, Passover

*’bulk’ discount available- 36% off total price if all three programs are engaged