Congregation Shir Hadash seeks support to increase and improve the ways that the community engages and educates young children and their families. Specifically, consultant will support the integration of Reggio-Emilia inspired emergent curriculum by providing professional development and small group coaching sessions with and for Congregation Shir Hadash educators.

Consultant will work in conjunction with Rabbi PJ Schwartz and the congregational leadership to facilitate professional development and consultation in order to articulate objectives and to design implement strategies to meet this goal to empower client leadership to continue the efforts and integrate the insights of the residency weekend.

On-Site Residency

Consultant will facilitate residency weekend Aug 13-15 and consulting services related to curriculum, environmental design and digital communications as detailed below.

  • August 13 On Site Ritual and ServiceLeader, Shabbat B’Yachad Service
  • August 14 On Site Shir Ritual and ServiceLeader Shabbat Jr. Havdalah Service
  • August 15 On Site Facilitation of Educator Workshop for Kulanu Teachers, Grades K-2

Remote Coaching & Consulting:

  • 10 hours project preparation: Work with Rabbi Educator in the planning and implementation of Reggio-Emilia inspired curriculum, develop an understanding of programmatic vision, collection of resources and materials to guide curriculum and teacher development
  • 10 hours of cohort meetings with K-2 educators: Regular meetings with K-2 educators for planning, reflection, and coaching.
  • 10 hours of executive coaching: Regular meetings with Rabbi Educator and lay leadership
  • Environmental Evaluation: Assessing and evaluating classroom environment needs and usage
  • Concluding Report: Development of Summative Report and reflections for consideration.

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